Does Hogan Have One More Match in Him?

For longtime fans of wrestling, seeing Hulk Hogan go through one more match would be a great thing to see for the sake of nostalgia. There have been so many emotional moments involving the blonde haired hero over the last few decades and this could prove to be the last one of them. From the time when Andre the Giant ripped off Hogan’s necklace on an episode of Piper’s Pit just before Wrestlemania III to turning heel in WCW and now Hulk’s current days in TNA Wrestling, he proves to be a character that evokes emotion on both sides of the coin. But after eight back surgeries, is it really worth getting back into the ring for just one more match?

Hulk Hogan has the most impressive legacy in all of wrestling. Yes, there are other wrestlers that have done a lot and created an impressive legacy for themselves (Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, Sting, The Rock, etc.), but none of them have the name recognition of Hulk Hogan. The problem with his current antics is that he is slowly fading away with his obscure role in TNA and his various commercials for Rent a Center and those shady auto loan places. I understand that Linda (the ex-wife) has taken him for a huge sum of money, but his integrity is slowly dwindling because it seems like he will do anything these days for money.

Unfortunately, he may end up crippling himself in “one more match” for a big payout. Is this what we want to see happen? As true fans of the Hulkster, do we want to see him go out there and give a limited performance in the ring? He’s already said that the person he wrestles will need to limit themselves to the moves they can do. Bodyslams are out. Hogan probably won’t be able to do his signature leg drop. Anything that involves the lower back will be off limits. What kind of match is that going to be?

As a lifelong Hulkamaniac, I would rather see this icon of wrestling disappear from the spotlight. Let us remember him as the red and yellow hero that was all about training, saying our prayers and taking our vitamins. Anything else is just tarnishing our image of him.

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